We provide time bound committed services in the following areas in the line of commercial contract, community initiative or even free social service for a common cause.

I. School Protocol:
Total support in processing, operation and administration of a new school or chain of schools.

II. In Service Training:

Our structured proven in service training for the existent faculties guarantees efficiency, productivity and academic distinction.

III. PDC Camp:

We organize Personality Development Camps to transform complete individuality of the child by virtue of holistic development discovering untapped potentiality of the unique child during summer or winter vacations.

IV. English Language Training (ELT):

Our tailor made English Training for school teachers have helped hundreds of teachers to transform themselves from mediocre teachers to dynamic facilitator in creating anglicized environment in the classroom or beyond.

V. Children’ English Proficiency Program:

Communication being the talk of the town these days we warranty Spoken English cum Communication Skills for the school children with supplemented curricula in a short terms course such as 60 or 90 days course.

VI. Creative Writing Training:

We have prolific creative writing course for kids in unique collective tracks or individual genre such as short story, poetry writing, skit writing and fiction.

VII. Content Writing:

Our professional, experienced prolific writers cater the need of your content writing in any academic, commercial or scientific scripts with complete plagiarism free grandeur style.

VIII. Pedagogic Set Supply:

Mail Foundation expertise in stimulating learning environment for the young learners with right dimensional toys, blocks, play station and other visual aids for elementary kids.

IX. Parenting Seminar:

Realizing the balanced upbringing, emotional quotient in the physical, mental and devout growth of the children in formative age, our seminary address to guide parents towards the positive molding of the offspring which otherwise may end up to traumatic or suicidal distress.

X. Career Guidance:

The team of psychologists along with other professional contribution, we make difference in the life of the aspirants showing them the right pathway of success.

XI. Admission Campaign:

For us number counts in case of emerging schools. A secrete marketing strategy has proved to revamp admissions in the competitive world of quality and excellence.

XII. Storytelling:

Knowing the important of storytelling in the world of preventability and emotional injunction we have structures a modular program in storytelling.

XIII. Public Speaking:

MAIL Foundation regularly conducts public speaking sessions on modular course which is practiced in our Speaking Club.

XIV. Periodical:

A scholastic magazine titled Momentum, synergic breakthrough for young leaders which is actually compiled, edited and circulated by school children. It usually conducts interschool competitions on creative writing and other writing as well as journalism genres where ten best entries are brought to publication.

XV. Extra-curricular events:

Mail Foundation conducts regular events not only to boost multiple-intelligence but also to create opportunities to testify public speaking, acting, storytelling, debating, quiz, recitation, musical performance, art exhibition and the most interesting one is to host Buzz Spell.

XVI. Inclusive Education:

We have gained expertise in the recent years on how to train autistic spectrum disorder including the dyslexic reading program.

XVII. Buzz Spell:

We coach the aspirants of the Buzz Spell to have mastery over the Dictionary to make him/her wordsmith in the linguistic miracle.

XVIII. Community Radio

XIX. Delinquent Rehabilitation Program

XX. Revival of Indian Folk Tradition

XXI. Scholarship & Apprentice Program